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NEWS - 4WD Accessories and Aftermarket Gear


Find out about the latest bolt on bits for your 4X4 beast. We have the news on 4WD aftermarket accessories and gear.




Redarc wins manufacturing award - again - in 2017 18-Apr-2017

Redarc was the recipient of the 2017 Excellence in Manufacturing Gold Award, complementing its s.. Read more

40-channel CBs to remain legal 15-Apr-2017

Last February, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) very quietly revers.. Read more

Kaymar bars for the facelifted 200 Series 29-Apr-2016

Toyota has given the LandCruiser 200GXL and VX a 2016 facelift, with some body alterations.. Read more

Dexter acquires AL-KO VT 15-Jan-2016

In October 2015, Dexter announced the intent to acquire AL-KO Vehicle Technology (VT) from AL-KO.. Read more

Australian-made Rancho RS5000X shock absorbers 20-Oct-2015

Manufactured at Tenneco’s award-winning manufacturing plant in Adelaide, the new range of .. Read more

Amarok Long Ranger tank 12-Oct-2015

Long Ranger has developed a 61-litre auxiliary tank for the Amarok. Unlike other replaceme.. Read more

Narva lighting lock nuts 10-Oct-2015

Narva’s Anti-Theft Lock Nuts are designed to make it harder for thieves to steal auxiliary.. Read more

Canopy news 23-Sep-2015

Sammitr Steel Canopies has just opened a new showroom, warehouse and fitting facility in Dandeno.. Read more

The airless tyre moves closer 19-Jul-2015

Hankook has successfully completed ride and handling tests on its latest non-pneumatic tyre (NPT.. Read more

Redarc lithium battery chargers released 10-Jun-2015

Redarc has released DC-DC in-vehicle battery chargers that are designed specifically for chargi.. Read more

Dexter - new trailer anti-sway system 23-Feb-2015

In mid-2014 Dexter Axle Co, a leading US manufacturer of trailer axles and trailer brakes for .. Read more

New Australian-made 4WD wheel from ROH 21-Jun-2014

The new Octagon aluminium wheel from ROH is available in 16x8 and 17x8 sizes, in full matt-black.. Read more

Redarc 12V/24V/solar battery charger 18-Feb-2013

The REDARC BCDC1225 25 Amp In-vehicle Battery Charger is a three-stage DC-DC battery charger tha.. Read more


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