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About Outback Travel Australia


Established in 2009, Outback Travel Australia delivers the latest news and information to the 4WD Touring, Camping and Outdoor Recreation Communities. We offer personalised question and answer advice and a huge amount of information for those interested in touring this amazing country, Australia.

We provide fair and unbiased test reports on the latest 4WD makes and models for recreation or work. Our comprehensive 4WD Buyers Guide has reports on new and earlier model vehicles. We offer information and advice on tyre replacement, modifying 4WDs, fitting aftermarket equipment, camping equipment, off-road driving tips, towing and much, much more.

The website is owned and operated by Allan Whiting and his team. Allan and the team at Outback Travel Australia originally developed the website to reach the Outback and 4WD touring communities and to engage with likeminded enthusiasts.

Integrity and honesty are key in all the reviews on our website so our readers can be sure they are reading unbiased and informed editorial at all times. Our editorial is based on experienced testing; we don’t publish advertorial. This integrity has seen our subscriber numbers increase year on year.

We are happy to provide advertisers with a page-by-page breakdown of our statistics in order to secure the best possible placement for your message. With a variety of website sections – 4WD Buyers Guide, 4WD Modifications, Camping and Destinations, Driving and Towing - you will find the right place for your brand message.

As an advertiser it is always good to be able to bring your own message to our very targeted and hard to reach readers and we have a range of packages suitable for a variety of budgets.

* Google Analytics 2016 for Outback Travel Australia recorded 3,489,199 page-views.

* Website Server Analytics 2016 for Outback Travel Australia recorded 949,358 visits of which 754,895 were unique visitors.

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