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Ironman 4x4 has suspension kits for the 2016 HiLux - February 2016

Ironman 4x4's suspension kits have been designed to improve ride quality and load carrying ability, while providing an increase in ride height, with the choice of Performance, Constant Load or Extra Constant Load settings.

ironman hilux suspenson 2016The new Hilux has changes to many suspension components, including longer and flatter leaf springs, as well as a change in rear shock absorber angles. Ironman 4x4 has designed replacement rear leaf springs with increased primary camber, matched to a negative-curve second stage that promotes flexibility above that of the original suspension's capabilities.

There's also provision for the headlight tilt sensor located on the rear leaf spring of top-line models, ensuring no loss in functionality.

Ironman 4x4 offers a full range of Nitro Gas, Foam Cell and Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers that are available with comfort or firmer valving.

Additionally, Ironman 4x4 is working on a GVM upgrade for the Hilux, set for a release during 2016.

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